Events | July 11th 2022

Beech Hill Experience Days

The Experience Day programme is hosted by Beech Hill Primary School. Organised by Kate Telfer, the event is designed to develop teaching & learning from EYFS to Year 6. The programme is delivered by numerous leaders depending on the focus of the session.

Who is the programme for?

This programme is for teachers and support staff who want to advance, develop and improve their planning, teaching practice and knowledge of specific subjects. It offers excellent, immediate CPD tailored to your needs.

What will it do?

Experience Days will enable teachers to explore and improve their practice in specific areas of the curriculum that they would like to develop. It will deliver an invaluable opportunity for teachers to pick up successful techniques and formulate new strategies to bring back to their own classroom from observing good and outstanding teaching, observing the use of support staff, as well as working closely with subject coordinators to see how lessons and planning is sequenced across the year groups and whole school through our use of knowledge organisers. 

What does it involve? 

Experience Days will take place during the morning and will begin at 8:30am where refreshments and a light breakfast will be provided. Experience Days will be adapted accordingly and include a range of observations in different year groups, discussions with curriculum leads, and other relevant members of staff. There will be opportunities to complete a curriculum walk around the school, look at planning for individual lessons and also across the year group and/or whole school for any subjects. We will have discussions with participants before the Experience Day to ensure the sessions are bespoke to the individuals ensuring maximum impact back at their own school.

For more information about course facilitators, prices and how to sign up, please view the official leaflet:

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