Teaching School Hub Redesignation

We are delighted to announce that we have been redesignated by the DfE as the Teaching School Hub for Northumberland, North Tyneside and Newcastle until 2028.

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  1. Planning and Leading The Relationships, Health and Sex Education (RSHE) Curriculum

    Venue and times – 1st March 2023


    This one full-day course will offer participants an opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of high quality RSHE provision. Key themes from the DfE statutory guidance will be explored while reflecting on all the aspects that contribute to high quality RSHE, including parental engagement and gathering evidence via pupil voice.

    During the day

    • Developing the skills to create safe learning environments, with the importance of inclusive practice and language/terminology spoken, while taking into consideration the protected characteristics.
    • Opportunity to ask questions and explore barriers in order to move forward with high quality RSHE in your school.
    • Explore key topic areas from the statutory guidance, including consent and permission seeking, and delivering ‘changes to the adolescent body’. The content that needs to be covered and practical methods of delivery.
    • Look at ways to assess children’s readiness using pupil voice to inform planning.
    • How do we measure impact and evaluate PSHE/RSHE effectively?
    • How to proactively engage parents and carers, and creative ways to gather parental voice with different approaches to communication.
    • Discover a wide range of resources, and a chance to network, share and discuss with other PSHE/RSHE leads.

    RSHE Trainer and Consultant - Jayne Heron

    Jayne has worked in the field of Relationships, Health and Sex Education for 20 years. She graduated from University with a BSc Hons in Psychology. Jayne has worked with children and young people of all ages across a wide variety of educational settings. She had a specific focus with young carers for a number of years, and in 2010 became a registered childminder for 5 years. Jayne’s main focus today is designing and delivering CPD to a wide range of professionals, who have a responsibility to deliver PSHE/RSHE directly to children and young people. Her current work is predominantly in County Durham, working on all aspects of RSHE with leaders in primary, secondary and special schools. CPD and one-to-one coaching sessions are her central focus in enabling teaching staff to have the skills and confidence to lead, co-ordinate and deliver high quality RSHE and PSHE provision, which ultimately impact on academic achievement. Jayne is an accredited trainer in sexual health and assertiveness skills. Her main passion, which is at the centre of all her work, is raising self-esteem.

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  2. Planning and Leading Computing

    Tuesday 6 June 2023
    Cramlington Learning Village, NE23 6BN


    This one full-day course will offer participants an opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of high-quality Computing provision. We will discuss all aspects of the Computing curriculum and explore practical strategies for delivering them. There will be the opportunity for you to discuss these and consider how they may fit into and be adapted in your own context.

    During the day:

    • Explore the key strands of the Computing curriculum.
    • Reflect on existing practice and coverage.
    • Consider how different parts of the curriculum can be met with and without specialist technology
    • Collaborate and share ideas, strategies and practice with other delegates
    • Explore a wide range of practical ideas for engaging pupilsin Computing
    • Develop your readiness to manage a Computing deep-dive conversation.

    Phil Spoors

    Phil is Assistant Head Teacher and Computing teacher at Cramlington Learning Village. Phil has 20 years’ experience teaching Computing. Phil has carried out a variety of consultation and training roles and has been involved in leading and contributing towards a wide range of projects alongside the DfE, Teacher Development Trust, EUN Schoolsnet, ETAG group, Learning Foundation and NESTA.

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  3. Planning and Leading the Design and Technology Curriculum

    Monday 12th June, 9.30 am - 3.30 pm
    Abbeyfields First School, Morpeth, Outdoor Education Centre, NE61 2LZ

    Are you a primary design and technology leader? Are you looking for support in developing design and technology in your setting?


    This one full-day session will offer practical suggestions for creating a design and technology curriculum; developing high-quality, teaching and learning approaches, based on the D&T Association materials, to enhance the quality of education in design and technology and provide leaders with support in preparation for a design and technology deep-dive.

    During the day:

    • Look at ways to structure your design and technology curriculum, to ensure good coverage of knowledge, understanding, skills and vocabulary from EYFS onward.
    • Develop your curriculum further using the D&T Association projects on a page materials
    • Explore lesson structures using the design, make and evaluate process.
    • Develop practical skills to support units of work, for example mechanisms (KS1) and electric systems (KS2).
    • Discover how to enhance your design and technology curriculum using a range of relevant contexts.
    • Develop your readiness to manage a design and technology deep dive conversation.

    Jo Warner

    Jo Warner is Assistant Director of Education (with responsibility for school effectiveness) for the Church of England Dioceses of Newcastle and Durham. She works with primary, secondary and special schools, offering support and challenge to leaders, including governors and staff. This includes work on developing the curriculum from EYFS to Key Stage 4. Jo leads training on the curriculum and on Ofsted’s approach to inspecting the curriculum through the deep dive process. She has also worked in a variety of settings to support leaders to develop their design and technology curriculum and support staff to develop their own expertise and confidence in the subject. Jo was a design and technology lead in a range of schools during her teaching career, and has a real passion for the subject.

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  4. Planning and Designing Art and Design Curriculum

    Tuesday 6 June 2023
    Stobhillgate First School


    Are you a primary art and design leader? Are you looking for support in developing art and design in your setting?
    This one full-day session will offer: Leading art in school. Curriculum Design. Assessment and progression.

    Session 1 Leading art in the school 

    Understanding role/value of art & design, Ofsted examples of good leadership, Ofsted’s Three I’s, strategies for leading a team.

    Session 2 Curriculum design

    Auditing and appraising your current provision, what is a balanced curriculum?, sequencing learning, planning a unit of work.

    Session 3 Assessment and progression

    Meaningful and efficient art assessment, maximising and measuring progress, metacognition.

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