News| October 19th 2022

The Benefits of Continuous Professional Development in an Educational Setting

CPD in schools plays a vital role in developing a teachers career whilst also taking into consideration the pupils' needs and expectancies. In this article, we explore the benefits of CPD and how it can aid teachers in their career.

A positive impact on pupils

When becoming a teacher, there is one common goal - to support pupils to achieve their best. With this in mind, CPD promotes high-quality teaching which, in turn, has a positive impact on improving pupil’s end results. The courses a teacher takes will equip them with the correct techniques to handle specific scenarios within the classroom, leading to a successful teaching environment.

Expanding on knowledge

CPD allows the trainee to expand on their existing knowledge whilst also developing new skills. This means they can work on areas that need improvement and excel in the areas they thrive in. Encouraging development helps build confidence in abilities and opens teachers up to new possibilities and opportunities.

Developing teachers' knowledge uncovers gaps in their capabilities which means they can focus on covering all areas of their expertise. It can increase motivation and commitment to a teacher's job role - leading to a better teaching environment.

Keeping up to date with current teaching methods

Having an excellent CPD plan ensures teachers keep up with the pace of current teaching standards and helps make sure their professionalism is maintained. It helps them manage their career more effectively and move on into new positions where they can manage and influence others.

Promoting career progression

High-quality CPD can direct teachers in their career and ensures they are focused on their goals. Their confidence is usually uplifted, and developing their skills can give them a boost in motivation which leads to other successes in the workplace. 

A reminder of achievements

CPD gives teachers a sense of achievement as they will hold a recognised qualification once their course is completed. This will not only help them to progress in their career but give them personal satisfaction that they are heading towards success. 

Are you interested in developing your teaching skills?

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