News| July 23rd 2021

Congratulations ITT’s class of 2020-21

It has been a difficult year for everyone, and in education we have seen the fallout of young people also dealing with the pandemic.

Class of 2020-21

Lockdowns impacting upon children’s learning, extracurricular activities becoming non-existent, friendships put on hold. We have seen the way we teach revolutionised through remote learning, no longer seeing a sea of eager faces but more likely a view of black screens that show no clues of understanding or confusion.

And in all of this, our new cohort of trainee teachers. Their training year has been unprecedented with the amount of time actually spent in a classroom limited. For our School Direct trainees at the Three Rivers their training was front-loaded, and they spent a term learning online about all aspects of teaching, many of them having never been in a school. When they were finally able to start their teaching practice, lockdown meant that this took the style of remote learning. Many of the trainees took to this naturally, probably helped by the fact that this was their first experience of teaching and they knew no different! They helped more experienced teachers in the delivery of live lessons and came up with different strategies to try and help pupils engage in the leaning. Once the trainees then finally made their way into schools, there were some levels of nervousness about having to stand in front of 30 pupils, and the behaviour management side that had not yet been present, but the main feeling from the trainees was that they were excited and just wanted to get stuck in!

Despite the path that led them to stepping their first foot into the classroom, the teachers that emerged were still enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Using their extensive online training and putting this into practice to plan and deliver some really great lessons. They made it through what has arguably been one of the toughest teacher training years and we wish them all the very best in their teaching careers!

Congratulations to the trainee teachers’ class of 2020-21!

“This year has been challenging but hugely rewarding. It’s been great working alongside the department and seeing the pupils develop during my time at KEVI. Thank you for a fantastic year!”

Dayne Hall – Secondary Business School Direct

A highly challenging but highly enjoyable year - I'm very grateful for all of the opportunities and to have met so many welcoming and friendly staff and students along the way."

Doug Leatherland – Secondary English School Direct

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