News| October 7th 2022

How Do We Develop Excellent School Leaders?

A well-functioning school starts with great school leaders. Without a leader, schools wouldn’t run at all, and without a good school leader, the school wouldn't run well - leaving children, staff and parents dissatisfied.

It all starts with good training

Any job role within an educational setting must start with adequate training. The skills learned in teacher training will give a school leader the knowledge they need in order to run the school appropriately. 

However, there is only so much one can learn in training. Yes, a leadership course can help a leader develop their skills and knowledge massively, but a specific type of personality and mindset is needed in order to become a successful leader. We will explore this in more detail in the next section.

Challenges a school leader may face

When running a school, it’s inevitable that there will be challenges. Whilst teachers and other school staff have a lot of responsibility, school leaders have even more tasks to take into consideration. 

Ensuring the schools standards are maintained

A good leader must make sure the teaching standards of the school are consistent and of a high standard at all times. They should make certain that the curriculum is broad yet balanced and ensure the school’s aims, vision and values are aligned throughout.

Taking control 

Managing the many aspects of the school can be challenging so a great leader should have maintained motivation and commitment to their school and it’s goals. Managing staff, behaviour and attendance are all crucial parts of ensuring the school is running properly so it is important that relevant strategies are implemented.

The qualities a leader needs to be successful

A clear understanding and vision for the school

Leaders need to have a clear vision for the school which is adhered to and followed at all times. A mutual understanding needs to be met from staff, pupils and parents in order for the vision to work. 

An ability to adapt to their environment 

Being an accomplished leader requires the individual to be able to cater to each person's needs. Every child - no matter where they come from or their circumstances - should have an equal opportunity to reach their full potential, so being able to adapt to any scenario and act quickly is very important. A leader must be strong and resilient, overcoming any difficult situations they are faced with quickly and efficiently.

A willingness to admit their mistakes

A good leader has the capacity to admit when they are wrong. They’re able to reflect on their mistakes and have a willingness to grow from them. Using their errors as a positive to accelerate their own personal growth can help make their school culture grow and become stronger.

To summarise

All in all, school leaders are under a lot of pressure to run a successful school. They have a job to improve their school and maintain its legacy which is why it’s important for them to be fully trained and well equipped to run the school. Would you like to become a leader? Our National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) could be for you.

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